RPM Nautical Foundation (RPMNF)

December 2019 – Present

I currently run communications for RPM Nautical Foundation, a nonprofit organization that conducts maritime archaeological research in the Mediterranean intended to educate the public.

Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA)

Graduate Research AssistantMarian M. Cook Fellow in Nautical Archaeology

January 2020 – May 2021

I was a graduate research assistant for Dr. Deborah Carlson at the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to performing maritime archaeological research.

Nautical Archaeology Digital Library (NADL)

Texas A&M Team Member/Contributor

December 2020 – January 2022

I was a member and contributor to the Nautical Archaeology Digital Library, an organization where archaeologists from around the world can share their experiences and exchange information with their colleagues, as well as with a wider public.