Hi! My name is Stephen DeCasien.

PhD Candidate– Nautical Archaeology – Texas A&M University

I am a PhD candidate at Texas A&M University studying Nautical Archaeology. My academic interests are Greek and Roman maritime history and archaeology with a special focus on naval warfare, naval rams, and warships. I specialize in the study of sex and gender in antiquity, especially in relation to navies and naval monuments. Recently, I was the project lead of an experimental archaeology project which successfully cast the first trireme-sized naval ram in over 1,500 years based on ancient methods.

I attended the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) as part of the Summer Session group of 2018 and the American Academy in Rome (AAR) as part of the Classical Summer School group of 2022. I currently run communications for RPM Nautical Foundation (RPMNF) which conducts underwater archaeological surveys at the Battle of the Egadi Islands site in Sicily.

I was raised in New Jersey around the Atlantic City area. I lived in Florida for a few years to work on my master’s degree. I reside in College Station, Texas. I am an avid reader and Philadelphia Eagles fan! I enjoy watching sci-fi and gangster films/TV, playing historically-based video games, weightlifting, and playing sports.

If you want to find out more about myself or my research, feel free to send me a message or follow me on my social media pages!

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